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The Life and Times Of a Hopeful Pair of Undies...

It Can't Rain All The Time.

20 June 1985
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I need to edit this profile soon, i hate the look and flow of it.

Current Loves:

Tv Shows: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Roswell, Dawsons Creek, Supernatural, Ugly Betty, Firely, Dollhouse, Gilmore Girls, Skins, My So Called Life, Daria, Fringe, Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Gossip Girl, I love Lucy, True Blood, Greys Anatomy, Full House, Nevermind the buzzcocks... If you have any to suggest to me, ill totally check it out :D

Movies: Harvey, Amelie, Cruel Intentions, Dazed and Confused, Goonies, Say Anything, Grosse Pointe Blank, Ten Inch Hero, Garden State, Harry Potter, RENT, Phantom of the Opera, The Crow, Boondock Saints, Man in the Moon, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Roman Holiday, Dark Knight, Up, Meet the Robinsons, Princess and the Frog, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, All dogs go to heaven, Now and Then, League of their own, that thing you do, empire records, Big, What about bob, Drop Dead Fred... loads more.

Celebs I adore: Joshua Jackson, Jensen Ackles, Natalie Portman, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Claire Danes, Audrey Tatou, Audrey Hepburn, Collin Hanks, Tom Hanks and Anna Karina.

Musicals: RENT, Wicked, Phantom Of the Opera, Wild Party, Jekyl and Hyde, Sweeny Todd, Hair Spray, Cry Baby, Grease 2, Repo: The Genetic Opera.

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'80s music, 90210, adventures, anything from the 80s, aqua teen hunger force, art, audrey tautou, bo burnham, bob dylan, bones, books, boondock saints, buffy the vampire slayer, cds, ceramics, chuck bass, comedy, cruel intentions, cuddeling, cure for cancer, dancing, dane cook, dave atel, dawsons creek, dazed and confused, demetri martin, disney, dogs, drawing, dreams, drop dead fred, dropkick murphys, edgar allen poe, eric clapton, family guy, fargo bar and grill, fieldhockey, fiona apple, firefly, flip flops, french films, friends, garden state, gilmore girls, gir, google, goonies, gossip girl, gregory maguire, greys anatamy, grosse point blank, harry potter, harvey, history, hockey, hot chick, house, hugs, icon making, icons, idina menzel, invader zim, jazz, jimmy stewart, john cusack, julia styles, kenny chesney, kings of leon, kirsten dunst, lakes, laughing, law and order svu, lawschoolblues, leauge of their own, life as a house, literature, making new friends, marianas trench, meeting new people, mixes, monkeys, movies, music, musicals, natalie portman, nicholas cage, nicholas sparks, notebook, ocean, oceans, painting, photography, poetry, procrastination, reading, rent, romantic movies, roswell, samantha who, sea, serenity, singing, strong bad, sublime, swimming, tap dancing, ten inch hero, the beatles, the crow, the notebook, the rolling stones, the sopranos, tom hanks, travel, traveling gnomes, ttihay, twilight, ugly betty, water, weeds, wicked, will and grace, writing