Andy (musicalpanties) wrote,

Last Good Story

So one of my Best friends Matthew r. Kelley just published his first book, and it just went on sale for preorder last night. I know some of you are big readers so i figured you might want to check it out. If your interested here is the page with the summary of the book  or if you want to just check out the sight over all go to 

It would be great if you all checked it out. He is a independent artist who has worked hard for years to make his dreams come true! and i couldn't be prouder of him! Also, if you get hte book and end up loving it, be sure to tell your friends. :D

thanks for your time guys!

also, to those who commented on my last post, thank you so much. It is great to know i have people who are here for me when i feel so alone. I really appreciate it.
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