Andy (musicalpanties) wrote,

For the first time ever in the past 5 years iv had this journal, i went through and cleaned out my Lj. I went from 106 Friends to 61. I find that a successful Cleaning if i do say so myself.

However, some that i kept were on the basis of i havent given us a chance to get to know eachother yet. And there were those who i didnt delete out of pure nastalgic reasons i know they dont post regularly anymore and may never again, but i dont have the heart to delete them. However i tried to be tough there were people who im physically friends with in real life who havent posted in atleast two years that i deleted.

I feel in a month or two i will probably do some more removing if its needed. 





























































If you feel you were wrongfuly deleted please just let me know. But im trying to cut back on the massive amount of entries i have on my friends page so please give a valid reason as to why i should keep you.

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