Andy (musicalpanties) wrote,

Ways to know your addicted to livejournal...

Writen by Panties:

1. When you wake up in the morning, the very first thing you do, is start your computer... and immediately check your livejournal first.

2. You check it atleast more than 6 times a day.

3. You catch yourself watching movies and thinking... that would make a great icon.

4. You think of what you want to post in it while you are at work/with friends/ or just doing random day to day things...

5. You post more times in a month than there are days.

6. While at work all you cant wait to do is go home so you can play on lj

7. You consider Livejournal your own personal friend.

8. You honestly dont know what you would do if the site was to be deleted.

9. You have a paid account. Its official, you are addicted as soon as you pay for this site.

10. You catch yourself mentioning it atleast 6 times a day to people who arent even on live journal.

11. You have links to it on everyother site you use.

12. you are willing to drive to a library that is almost 40 minutes away and out of the way, JUST so you can check it, because your net or computer arent working, even though you have no reason to go to the library other than livejournal.

13. And last but not least... You talk about it so much outside of the internet, and i mean like at a bar, or hanging out with your friends, that it causes people to actually join livejournal, because they just cant believe how much you talk about it...



the reason i post this is, not only do i do all of these things all teh time... but the last one actually happened today. Iv been on a Livejournal rampage for the past 3 months... worse than its ever been, and every thursday i hangout with my friends at a local bar, and i atleast talk about it three times in that time period.... and My friend Chris The one im hanging out with today, informed me he signed up today for Livejournal. He said it was because i talk about it so much, and he wants a place to post his stories and creative writing... so yup. I win. I got a friend, to join, just by me talking about it non stop.  i didnt even pester him to join, i simply was sharing how much i love lj. :)

And for those of you who know Chris... His Lj Name is...[info]topher_pie And im sure he wouldnt mind anyone else checking him out either. :) alright, now im off to go have dinner and watch awesome movies with him. :)



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