Andy (musicalpanties) wrote,

Icon Special Offer....

Due to lack of ability to make icons right now... im going through withdrawl... so sad its only been like 20 hours... but iv been considering doing something for a while, to show my friends appreciation... and to help feed my addiction, and when i do get the ability to make icons again i will want to make LOTS! so Here is my offer...

Icon Request [Sorta]

- I will Make You 7 Icons. [because 7 is the luckiest number] ;)
-I get to pick the Subjects/topics of the icons, based on things that remind me of you, or things you have listed in your interests. [However If you would like to make suggestions or ideas or images, id be happy to try to accomidate. But i make no promises with some.]

-I can not make the icons, until i have a program again... so it might be  awhile.
-Please keep in mind i am new to making icons. So i apologize if they are not that great... but i will truly try to make icons you would love.
[To see my previous Icon work Click Here ]
- I have not yet learned to make icons with textures or text yet. But depending on the program i get, i might have learned it by the time i finish the icons. If not, you were warned. :)

If You'd Like to have me make you 7 icons, just let me know! :)

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