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So i got tagged for this on facebook... but i figured why not post it on here, but i  wont tag anyone...

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. i sometimes stare at my carbonated drinks while the bubbles drift to the top, they remind me of a one way lava lamp.

2. when im nervous or stressed i bite my nails.

3. if im bored or sleepy i twirl my hair with my fingers.

4. i burst into song about what im doing when alone... sometimes even when im not alone.

5. im uncontrolably addicted to livejournal, and im totally not ashamed to admit it.

6. no matter how many times i watch it or how old i am, the movie all dogs go to heaven will make me cry.

7. i sometimes without realizing it, hold my boobs up. and then my mother yells at me "dont touch em!"

8. as driving in my car, i like to smile at other drivers in opposite cars, because they are always grumpy looking, and it usualyl freaks them out.

9. i use my ipon as a microphone in the car all the time. If i dont have my ipod with me, i use my phone instead. and yes this has caused me to get pulled over as many of you know.

10. i love anything to do with art... especially ceramics. <3

11. i laugh in my sleep. I mean to teh point i wake myself up From laughing to loudly.

12.sometimes When Im on the Phone with someone, and i say good bye... i wave at them, like there right in front of me.

13. my toes look like sausages. Its kinda funny.

14. As many of you already know, i cant say words that end with ing, or ng.. or have ing or ng in the middle... like hanger, singing, song, ding, dong, bong, thong, thing, ring... those are just a couple examples... but i can say finger and anger. thats it.

15. i cracked my head open in preschool, and then first grade. but i lived! clearly! yay!

16. fish creep me out. alive or dead.

17. anything cheesy, like movies, or music or books, i secretly love it! only its not really a secret. They make me laugh and cry at once!

18. i Hate Nicholas Spark, But i Love Nicholas Spark at the same time... his books are so good, but always so sad... and im garaunteed to bawl every book of his, but yet i still read them all, and at the end am saying how much i hate the man for making me feel pain like that. its very pathetic.

19. i like to paint peoples houses or apartments. most people hate it, i like it.

20. bubble wrap will always put a smile on my face. just hand me some and ill be happy.

21. my movies that i own, are always in elphabatical order, unless its a month with a theme ex. halloween is scary movies, december is christmas movies and febraury is love movies, so forth... then that catagory is in alphabetical order, and infront, and the rest in alphabetical order, but afte rthat catgory... and then whent hat month is over, i put them back to normal... its kinda wierd.

22. i laughed during the origional exercist. i didnt find it scary, however the movie It. Still terrifies me to this day.

23. while in mid sentence, i will stop and change topics or thought process... and cut myself off, it pisses me off.

24. is extremley gullible.

25. i always have a panick attack while driving in snow. not good.
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