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Random little fun fact... In Lj Comments Your are only allowed to post 4,300 characters.

This girl i just friended on lj, posted a survey thing wondering why people have added her. and i decided to do it. for some odd reason... and it wouldnt let me comment it to her, because i went a little overboard... ok by a little i mean alot... so in bold are her questions... and in regular is my answers. you dont have to read this, this was and is for her benefit. but you can if you wish.

i started to do this earlier today, and i had a really good start, but then my niece unplugged my comp, so if this sucks... or is rambling, i apologize.:)

p.s. i  have horrible grammar... thought i should warn everyone.

Name / Alias / Age (optional): My real name is Andrea, i hate it. Everyone calls me Andy or Panties... or Andypanties... but it was shortened to panties in highschool, and it has stuck like glue, i tried to get rid of it but learned to embrace it. Im 23.

How did you find your way to my journal?
Through Lovelyarts. And i loved your icons, and decided to add you.

Choose a subject (any subject!) and give me a Top Five list pertaining to said chosen subject (i.e. Top Five Favourite Ways Liz Spams Her Flist).

Im gonna Say LiveJournal itself. Afterall thats how we know eachother, well thats how we are communicating...

by the way, these top 5 are not in any particular order, just 5 things i love about lj.

1. That i can look back at the past 5 years, and not only see just how crazy i am, and laugh at the crazy things iv done, but that lj has sort of in a strange way taught me more about myself than anything. Iv learned from my mistakes, and growned alot through lj. I analys myself more than i ever would have. Also, id have never remembered half of the stuff i do, if it wasnt for being able to reread throught it.

2. Iv met some of the most amazing people on here, dont get me wrong, im not one of those creepy, stalkers who meet people online or something, iv never met a person in person that iv met online, but there have been a few people, who although this sounds crazy, have become extremly close friends, and there opinions and advice mean alot to me, on lj. For example, this guy i met on here, who is about 6 years older than me, just finished law school, and has his own buisness, and he has lived in so many diffrent places, theres no way id have ever met him in real life, we became so close on here, he has helped me through some times that i never ever would have thought he would have... he is so wise and so experienced, and ok im rambling... but my point is, he has meant alot to me as a friend, and without lj, id have never known him, or had his advice or point of view to listen to. And i am thankful for that.

3. I use lj to find new books, or music or cds, or movies and shows to be obessed about on lj. i am addicted to all of the above, so finding new stuff, sometimes is hard for me, i have a wide range of taste... but sometimes it gets hard to find new things when u live in a very small town. so lj has helped me become addicted to some of my favorite things by hearing about them on here.

4. Lj has caused me to be much more aware of myself, and my flaws and strengths. Id have never analysed myself as much, if i wasnt posting it for alot of people, let alone alot of my close friends to see, i dont edit myself on lj... i try to tell it like it is, and tell alot of my emotions and what im thinking... because why lie on something that is supposed to let you vent, and express yourself? so knowing some of my closes friends read this, sometimes im ashamed of what i truly am like, and it causes me to try to improve myself alot more.

5. last but not least. In highschool i played fieldhockey with a girl who was a grade below me for atleast 4 years... we also had atleast one class, maybe a few studyhalls together... we always got along, and were i wouldnt say friends, but aquaintences... she became bestfriends, with two of my bestfriends, one during highschool, and the other out of highschool... she moved to hawaii when she graduated... and we were friends on lj, because our two friends had lj... if it wasnt for lj, most likely, we would never have become friends, let alone close friends. She moved back from hawaii last january... and because of all that lj time, and getting to know eachother we now see eachother weekly, and i consider her a bestfriend. She knows more about me, than some of my friends iv been friends with for like 12 years... and im extremly thankful for her as a friend, if it wasnt for lj, id have never gotten to know her. and im so thankful for that. she is an amazing person, probably one of the most sincer, and kindest people iv ever met, and im just lucky to have a way to have gotten to knwo that about her.


Recommend something to me: a book, a CD, a painting, a browser, a way of life. (Choose one, choose all, make up your own!)

I don’t know you very well… and I tried reading your interests, and… it still didn’t help me much… I will just suggest a few of my favs of things that you didn’t list as interests…

I have three all time favorite movies…

1.  Harvey, the Movie. It’s a oldie, and I mean oldie when I say oldie, but its my all time favorite of all time, the classic old sense of humor

2. Boondock Saints. It’s an action, comedic… and its amazing. Plus hott Irish guys. Yum.

3. Amelie, it’s a French film, so some people will hate it because most don’t like to read subtitles, but it is by far one of the funniest movies I have ever seen in my life. And I don’t mind reading subtitles, honestly within 5 mins I forget its even in French.


Music, well im not going to be able to list one… im a music junkie… so I will list a few different types… incase u hate something or just don’t give a damn…

1.       Elton John, if you like classic pop rock. His best song, which is slow is Tiny Dancer.

2.       Sublime, ska/ punk/ rock/ reggae band… any of there songs are great, best cd I think is there selftitled.

3.       Pepper, they are a ska/ punk/ rock/ reggae band… sound a lot like sublime preferably these first three cds… kona town, in with the old, and no shame

4.       tool. Heavy rock or metal.

5.       Van Morrison. Classic oldies. Absolutely amazing. Most commonly known for brown eyed girl… but he still has so many amazing songs that aren’t well known. Or are but forgotten.

6.       steve miller band, if you love classic rock from the 70’s youll love them.

7.       bryan adams. Classic 90’s great voice.

8.       heuy lewis and the news, rock pop ish… 80’s all the way, but amazing.


Ok I could go on for days… so ill stop. With the music.

Paintings, I  cant really make a suggestion, I love art, but its really all up to the persons taste and emotions if you ask me. But im a big fan of monte.

Books, theres so many, but if ur looking for a tear jerker, read the three books from david peltzer, a child called it. The lost boy. And a man named dave. Great books.. And anything Nicholas sparks.

Also im a big fan of the Wickedand its sequel son of a witch… by Gregory Maguire. But it depends on the age id guess of the reader.


Top Three Celebrity Fuck List. Go!  [no specific order]

1.       Jeffrey Dean Morgan. From P.s. I love you, and Appearances on Grey anatomy.

2.       Sean Patrick Flanery.  From Boondock Saints.

3.       Ed Westwick.  From Gossip Girl… idk what it is about this kid, but I just want to fuck his brains out. Wow that’s really crude, I apologize.

 Your favourite fandom / favourite character (and why) within said fandom:

Favorite Fandom, at the moment is twilight… I cant get enough of it.  But of all time… im going to have to go with Amelie and my favorite character is the traveling gnome … which side note, Travelocity, stole the idea or at least got the idea of the traveling gnome from this movie. Why is he my favorite? Even though it’s a garden statue, that isn’t a real person, it is the funniest thing in the movie; well ok it’s a tie… I also love blubber her pet fish. You will understand once you watch the movie. Ok I really cant pick a favorite person, I love amelie too, and georgette and joseph… ok really I just love this movie. And need to rewatch it asap!

Favourite colour / number / word/ state of mind / your choice here (choose one, choose all, make up your own):

My favorite color is green. Number 21. Word Hippopotamus. State of Mind  Crazy.  

Is there a really great LJ community I should be a part of that I’m not?

I really don’t know that one.

2. What do you really think of Gary Oldman? (tell the truth, I wont be hurt, I swear!

I don’t really think of him. I mean I know who he is, and I like the roles he plays and I think he is a good actor, but I don’t usually think of him at all, unless someone asks about him at work (I work at blockbuster)… but when I hear his name, I first think of Gary Coleman. And that’s sad.

Lastly, and the main reason we’re all here: why did you friend my LJ?

I friended you… well I really enjoy your icons, and we seem to have a lot of the same interests… and so I took the risk of adding you because most of my friends don’t use lj anymore but 5 people.. I really use it to update my friends in life, and to remember my life and analyze it… so I don’t add a lot of strangers really. But once in a while I take that chance, in hopes for a interesting person… so hopefully you keep me entertained. Lol.

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