Andy (musicalpanties) wrote,

Team Magical Dreamers


- At least two words per comment UNLESS ITS FOR A GAME!!
-You can just comment with pictures, gifs or videos tho (and in this case, no words are required)!
- You cannot comment directly to yourself.
- No comment must go unanswered.
- Challenge ends 12 pm EST tomorrow [Sunday]. 

MOST Team Members (ratio) to comment - this is for your OWN team, not your COMBINED team - i would appreciate if someone(s) could keep track of this for me, by having a check in thread prehaps, or however you want to keep track = 200 points.

feel free to view this post in your own style by clicking the link on the top bar thingy majiggy.

Team Charmed's Roll Call-

Team Dawsons Roll Call-

If you hit 5,000 comments, go to this post so you dont have to prove your a robot to continue the contest...

all comments will be counted :D

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