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Friends Only

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If You do not comment why you are adding me, or who you are, or anything for that matter, i WILL NOT add you back, and you will NOT beable to read my entry's at all, For they are Friends Only, Always.

Warning, This Journal IS NOT PG or PG13... Infact Its Strong Adult Matterials at time... So Do not flip out on me when i discuss things as such, After All You were Warned.

That made me sound like a jerk, i swear im super nice... just sick of people flipping out because i talk about things they shouldnt read. I dont edit myself on here, this is my place to keep my sanity.

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Music Project

  So I was recently looking up new music and discussing with my bestfriend Kelly (who lives in Arizona) that I really need to change up what I listen to more often, I mean I have TONS of music, we are talking well over 25,000 items just on my ipod alone. That does not include music I never added to my computer from cd's (which i know I need to finish.) Anywho I was saying how there are tons of artist/bands I have their whole discography but never sat and like properly gave them a listen. Where I listen to them for like a week if even that. Example: Oasis, I absolutely love their Album What's the Story Morning Glory. It is easily one of my top 5 favorite Albums ever, however I have never listened to a single other Album of theirs, yet I own them all.  So I thought, why not me and her suggest artists/bands to listen to...

So we decided every two weeks we will tell the other person an artist to listen to, and we can pick from anything whether new or old. I am super excited to do this. We have been friends since 8th grade (1998) and we have always had similar taste in music, but since we have not lived in the same state in about 4 years, I am sure we both have music the other one has never listened to, or has not given a proper listen to. I think this will be an awesome experiment. We one will talk more often :D Which makes me happy. We have one of those can go several  months without talking and just call and pick up where we left off kind of friendships which I love. Also we will both get into new music.

I also thought it would be fun to make it a Livejournal activity in a way. I will keep a list of the Artists/Bands we both suggest, and I will atleast review the ones she tells me to listen to and pick my favorite Songs/Albums of theirs... Obviously if they only have one album I will have to go with songs.

With all the Music programs to get free music, this should be easy even if we can't get a download or buy the discography. So If you would like to join in the fun, I will be making bi weekly posts with the lists of Artist/Bands and my reviews of the previous one. I will be tagging this post with the tag !MusicBFFExchange if you want to follow it :D

                    Kelly's Suggestions:                               Andy's (thats me) Suggestion:

8/20/2015 Wk 1: Radiohead                                         Wk 1: Mika

Made Spotify Playlists for both Artists if you would like to join us with this. Click the Artist name above to go to playlist.
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Trick or Treat Post...

TRICK OR TREAT  whedonvisions

Your name: Andy
Your fandoms/favorites:
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy, Xander, Anya, Spike,Giles, Andrew, Cordelia & Wesley
Once Upon a time: Emma & Henry, Emma & Gram, Snow & Charming, Mary Margaret & David, Regina as the Queen.
Teen Wolf: Stiles, Derek, Lydia
Pushing Daisies: Olive, Ned, Chuck, Emerson Cod, Vivian, lilly, pretty much anything to do with this show :D
One Tree Hill: Brooke, Lucas, Nate, Haylee, Peyton, Haylee& Nate, Lucas & Peyton, Brooke & Peyton, Brooke & Lucas, Mouth, Skills
Pretty Little Liars: Hannah, Caleb, Hannah & Caleb, Spencer, Toby, Spencer & Toby, Emily/Aria/Hannah/Spencer together
Angel: Doyle, Wesley, Cordelia, Fred, Spike
Firefly: Wash, Kaylee, Mel
Dollhouse: Echo/Caroline, Topher, Topher & Adelle, Whiskey/Saunders, Sierra & Victor
Roswell: Michael & Maria, Max & Liz, Alex, Maria & Liz
Dawsons Creek: Pacey, Joey & Pacey, Jen & Jack
Supernatural: Dean, Castiel, Crowley, Dean& Sam, Dean & Castiel.
Gilmore Girls: Sookie, Michelle, Lorelai, Lorelai and Luke
My So Called Life: Jordan Catalano, Angela & Jordan
Fringe: Walter, Peter, Olivia, Walter & Peter, Walter & Astrid... really looking for a Walter, Astrid and Gene while Walkter and astrid eat chinese and watch tv. ( example of this is my icon, i dont love the coloring and i couldnt get it any brighter)

Treats you'd like to receive: Icons, Headers, Music Mixes, Haiku, anything you feel like :D
Tricks you'd like to receive: Silly jokes, fanmix recs, vid recs
Your graphic:Photobucket
Link to your graphic:
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100 Favorite TV / Movie/ Book Characters & 100 Albums that I Love...

I decided for the 100 Things Challenge, that I wanted to do two different Challenges.

100 Favorite TV/Movie/Book Characters & 100 Albums that I love.

Neither Will be in any order, so I will just randomly list Favorites. Lets begin...

100 Favorite TV/Movie/Book Characters

Elwood P. Dowd  
From the Movie Harvey
 Played by James Maitland Stewart aka Jimmy Stewart 

Collapse )
How can you not love a man who says these things...

"Here, let me give you one of my cards. Now if you should want to call me, use this number. That — that's the old one. If you happen to lose the card, don't worry — I — have plenty more."

 "I always have a wonderful time, wherever I am, whomever I'm with."

"Years ago, my mother used to say to me, she'd say "In this world, Elwood, you can be oh so so smart, or oh so pleasant." Well, for years I was smart... I recommend pleasant. You may quote me."


100 Albums that I Love

Grateful Dead : The Best Of Skeletons From The Closet 

Download zip by changing xx to tt ...  hxxp://

I grew up listening to this album, ever since my sister Alex decided she wanted to be a "Hippie" when she grew up. She was 14 at the time making me 12. She loved The Grateful Dead and always played it, and since i wanted to be just like her I would always steal her music, and although neither of us want to be a "Hippie" now I still love The Grateful Dead and their amazing music. Not only is this a phenomenal album, but it also reminds me of simpler days when I would spend the whole day with my sister thinking these were the best days ever. It is one of those albums that always makes me want to dance and sing. But more importantly it always puts a huge smile on my face. I guess it reminds me of simpler times.

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Last Good Story

So one of my Best friends Matthew r. Kelley just published his first book, and it just went on sale for preorder last night. I know some of you are big readers so i figured you might want to check it out. If your interested here is the page with the summary of the book  or if you want to just check out the sight over all go to 

It would be great if you all checked it out. He is a independent artist who has worked hard for years to make his dreams come true! and i couldn't be prouder of him! Also, if you get hte book and end up loving it, be sure to tell your friends. :D

thanks for your time guys!

also, to those who commented on my last post, thank you so much. It is great to know i have people who are here for me when i feel so alone. I really appreciate it.