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Trick or Treat Post...

TRICK OR TREAT  whedonvisions

Your name: Andy
Your fandoms/favorites:
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy, Xander, Anya, Spike,Giles, Andrew, Cordelia & Wesley
Once Upon a time: Emma & Henry, Emma & Gram, Snow & Charming, Mary Margaret & David, Regina as the Queen.
Teen Wolf: Stiles, Derek, Lydia
Pushing Daisies: Olive, Ned, Chuck, Emerson Cod, Vivian, lilly, pretty much anything to do with this show :D
One Tree Hill: Brooke, Lucas, Nate, Haylee, Peyton, Haylee& Nate, Lucas & Peyton, Brooke & Peyton, Brooke & Lucas, Mouth, Skills
Pretty Little Liars: Hannah, Caleb, Hannah & Caleb, Spencer, Toby, Spencer & Toby, Emily/Aria/Hannah/Spencer together
Angel: Doyle, Wesley, Cordelia, Fred, Spike
Firefly: Wash, Kaylee, Mel
Dollhouse: Echo/Caroline, Topher, Topher & Adelle, Whiskey/Saunders, Sierra & Victor
Roswell: Michael & Maria, Max & Liz, Alex, Maria & Liz
Dawsons Creek: Pacey, Joey & Pacey, Jen & Jack
Supernatural: Dean, Castiel, Crowley, Dean& Sam, Dean & Castiel.
Gilmore Girls: Sookie, Michelle, Lorelai, Lorelai and Luke
My So Called Life: Jordan Catalano, Angela & Jordan
Fringe: Walter, Peter, Olivia, Walter & Peter, Walter & Astrid... really looking for a Walter, Astrid and Gene while Walkter and astrid eat chinese and watch tv. ( example of this is my icon, i dont love the coloring and i couldnt get it any brighter)

Treats you'd like to receive: Icons, Headers, Music Mixes, Haiku, anything you feel like :D
Tricks you'd like to receive: Silly jokes, fanmix recs, vid recs
Your graphic:Photobucket
Link to your graphic:
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